A Multi-Family Investment Office for the Future

Southern Equity is a global investment platform poised to innovate and expand with you. We’ve set our sights on disruptive growth, embracing the realities of the world, leveraging trends instead of running from them. Welcome to the journey - where the course is plotted and the territory is ripe for exploration.

What Guides Us

We are an investment company inspired by both successes and failures. Our compass is forged in experience and grit. Our investors are inspired by the successes and the failures all around us, bringing both capital and experience to each endeavour we embark on.

Building Community

We are a multi-family office with an inclusive reputation. Our portfolio of work and the caliber of our partnerships speaks for itself. All of our experiences and knowledge has laid the groundwork for our epic journey into the future.

Explore. Learn. Understand. Then Invest

This isn’t an investment company blog. This is a multi-family office experience. The future asks that we dig deeper, understand more. We don’t pretend to know everything, in fact, we run toward the unknown, ready to craft new insights that will guide decisions tomorrow.

Investment Company Culture Here to Serve

Gratitude is the most valuable asset we bring to our investments and our business. It starts with connection. Connection leads to meaningful growth, which leads to sustainable and compassionate success. We wouldn’t be here without you, without all of our partners. Thank you.

Our Story Inspires

Our journey began in 2008 as the family office of entrepreneur Allen Nance and has now grown into a global mutli-family investment platform with a mission. Southern Equity now has 50 different individual company collaborators that together generate more than a billion dollars a year in revenue and employ more than 5,000 amazing people.

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