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We don’t sit still for very long. We’re excited about what’s happening all around us. We’re inquisitive. We don’t let our experience get in the way of our learning, as often happens when you’ve been investing for many years. We are acutely aware of all there still is to understand and glean insights from. And this is exactly why we have set out on this exploratory adventure that leaves no rock unturned, even the ones covered in mud and surrounded by landmines.

Our mistakes, and the mistakes of our partners are our greatest asset. Here at Southern Equity, you won’t find any rose colored glasses. You will, however, find an honest, straight forward quest for more. More information. More understanding. More opportunities. This isn’t an investment company blog. This is a multi-family office experience that dives deep.

An idea – Caring about the people behind our investments is profitable

By Allen Nance / Jan 13, 2021

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Lessons everywhere – What emotional responses are driving the market

By Allen Nance / Dec 23, 2020

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5 Mistakes new investors make

By Allen Nance / Nov 13, 2020

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