Our Journey Inspires our Investments

It’s been quite a journey. What started out in 2008 as the family office of entrepreneur Allen Nance has now grown into a global mutli-family investment platform. Our sights are firmly focused on the horizon line - looking at what’s next and what has yet to reach its peak.

Our well-timed adventure has gifted us with a diverse portfolio of investors and investments that are firmly rooted yet visionary. We approach investing like a well planned voyage - where the seas might be rough, storms may come unexpectedly, but with the right crew and a working compass, we can continue to find the treasure. Like any voyage, the wins aren’t always quick, but they’re always worth the adventure and comradery. We’re here for the long-haul. That’s how we approach our investments and that’s how we approach relationships with our investors.

Disrupting the Investment Company Landscape

This mission has blessed us with a crew of the best investors. It has enriched us with more than 50 different individual company collaborators that together generate more than a billion dollars a year in revenue and employ more than 5,000 amazing people. Together, we navigate the storms and we embark on new adventures that continue to uncover buried treasure where no one else thought to look.

Together, we’ve had a front row seat to everything from a billion dollar IPO to heart-wrenching bankruptcy. We’ve witnessed the sale of companies that just never gained the traction we had worked so hard to achieve. And we’ve seen underdogs with the right vision and timing break out into industries no one even knew were industries. We leverage all this experience - some as intellectual profits and others as lessons. We learn from the challenges, we celebrate the wins and we stay grateful. Nothing goes to waste.

Private Equity in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Southern Equity moved its headquarters to the beautiful island of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands in 2019. Anchoring here has allowed us to leverage the benefits of the University of the Virgin Islands Research and Technology Park, of which Southern Equity is a proud participant. This tech hub provides the economic and tax support necessary to get a leg up as a global private equity firm. The RTPark is uniquely positioned in this U.S. territory that is quickly becoming a hub for some of the best and brightest in technology, representing sectors like fintech, biotech, energy, and business process outsourcing. Their vision to enable and empower innovation and technology with a diverse set of investments, aligns with that of Southern Equity. In partnership, we are forecasting substantial growth and expansion.

Initial Southern Equity Investor Allen Nance

Allen Nance is the initial Southern Equity investor and he remains at the helm. He is known in the tech and investment realms as a transformational business pioneer with experience as a visionary C-suite executive. He has a long history of successfully directing startups, growth, and turnaround initiatives that maximize revenue goals. He is a five-time founder, three-time CEO, and CMO over a $50M P&L. He provided strategic leadership leveraging analytics and digital best practices to launch/grow two companies listed on the Deloitte 500 fastest growing private technology companies in the U.S. He has evaluated more than 3,000 technology businesses over his career and led M&A process/integration. His success in the tech and investment world has led to him being a sought after global public speaker across North America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. He brings all of this experience and all of these assets into his role as head investor of Southern Equity.



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