An Investment Compass for Everyone

Our compass was born out of both successes and failures. Forged with experience and grit, it has guided us to this point of maturity and growth. Curiosity and courage drive us to continue exploring new opportunities and finding innovative ways to approach inevitable challenges. We approach investing with one foot in reality (all the bad stuff we've seen happen) and one foot in what’s possible (all the great stuff we can make happen). 

How Our Multi-Family Office Works

It’s no secret that family investment offices have built a reputation as the fastest, most agile players in the game - with more capital at their disposal, they simply can do more with less effort. When you add in the individual portfolios of experience from each of the entrepreneurs powering our investments, you get the added benefit of wisdom. But knowledge and capital still isn’t enough to be the best.

We believe adding diversity into the mix, not just diversity in investments, but diversity in who we invest with, creates the magic ingredient for success. These ingredients have fostered a flexible yet quick-acting approach. Particularly as we go into a post-Covid world  where customer attention will likely continue to shrink and we dive head first into an all-digital world where trends develop at light speed. It’s a lot to keep up with. The way we adapt is adapting, the way we work is changing daily. Thankfully, we have boomers, Gen-Xers and millennials on our team - so we don’t miss a beat or an opportunity. One thing we all have in common is we don’t view this as work - this is our passion. We find opportunities whether we’re on the beach, in our home office or in the C-suite - because this is who we are and this is what we do.

What Guides this Investment Company

We’re curious investors. Like explorers, we seek out new opportunities, calculating the risk and potential reward in each new investment. We represent a diverse set of international investors uniquely qualified to tackle this ever expanding market. We believe disruptive transformation, while often scary provides opportunity. The key to unlocking that opportunity, however, means we have to go beyond straight statistical insights and look at what drives people and look at where our collective consciousness is taking us. In 2017, Kiplinger told us all about the High Cost of Emotion in Personal Finance.

They warned us of the dangers of fear-based investing - and we saw many repeat these mistakes during Covid. However, what if we flipped that, and instead, respond to the emotions of those who are ultimately driving the success of our investments - consumers. Most consumers are driven by emotions - and we believe that tapping into that, using that qualitative understanding to animate the quantitative, is ultimately where we uncover the secret sauce. So, what guides us? People. The people behind this family office, the people we serve, the people who work with us, and the people, who ultimately, make or break us.

How We Make Investment Decisions

Our decision making is firmly rooted in embracing change, and all the stuff others might find intimidating. This allows us to make decisions based on our wisdom, not insecurities. All around us we see systemic changes to finance and access to credit. The world where generational wealth is the primary factor in advancement is no more. Diversity and inclusion around investment is the most significant opportunity of our time. It’s not just a moral obligation, it’s a financial imperative. Our world is big and it’s only getting bigger. Some might want to run from that, but we’re leaning in - ready to open doors and bridge financial gaps. We disagreed with Nasdaq when they said... 2020 should teach investors that well-established principles, like investing for the long-term with a low-cost diversified portfolio and only checking your investment balance occasionally, are the best advice.”

Sure, you don’t want to make decisions out of fear. But you also don’t want to miss the opportunities popping up all around us. We take an offensive approach with a variety of minds powering our decision engine. Things change, people are all different, there are a lot of moving parts. That doesn’t mean we throw out the tried and true approach. It means we keep diversifying. We build our safety nets and we take swift and calculated risks. We embrace people from different backgrounds and cultures, from different schools of thought and different generations. This approach has gotten us where we are today and it’s what continues to influence our investment decisions.



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